TRX Basic Suspension Trainer Kit

Hey guys! Welcome to my TRX Basic Suspension Trainer Kit Review!

In my TRX Basic Suspension Kit Review, I will talk about what the kit includes, what kinds of exercises you can do with the kit, and my overall consensus of the kit based on Amazon reviews as well as my own impression of the kit.

TRX All In One Suspension Training System: Full Body Workouts for Home, Travel, and Outdoors | Includes Indoor & Outdoor Anchors, Workout Guide and Video Downloads

What does this kit have, you wonder?

The TRX Basic Suspension Trainer Kit is a kit that contains equipment to start TRX exercises. Equipment for TRX exercises include

  • a training strap
  • a suspension anchor
  • a door anchor
  • a workout guide if it’s your first time doing TRX exercises.

 Amazon customers find this specific trainer kit to not only be durable but cost efficient. Beginners to TRX exercises find this kit easy to use due to helpful videos that could find on YouTube. Veterans to TRX exercising found the kit to be compact and movable. Customers enjoyed the kit because it gave them a challenge in their workout. People do exercises that they would do at the gym at home instead because of the kit.  

TRX Training BASIC Suspension Trainer Kit, Full Body, 20 Minute Workouts

With that, let’s get into the specifics of my review

A training strap: You could use the training strap for any kind of workout including strength, weight loss, pilates, HIIT, cardio, etc. You can use the training straps on both hands and feet.  I would use the training strap for mountain climbers, reverse push ups, a normal push up, lunges, and squats.

For  mountain climbers, I find that mountain climbers are already difficult enough and doing it correctly would take time and many reps.  I could practice my mountain climbers by putting my feet on the training strap and practicing the mountain climber motion.

Another example of an exercise that I could use the kit for is the reverse push up. I could have a place mark holder like a post it note, for example, on my door and with the training strap I could “pull” myself up to where my chest meets the place mark holder.

You can find specific examples of TRX exercises on YouTube or other blogs. 

A suspension anchor: The suspension anchor is what you connect your training straps to when you want to work outside. For example, you can tie the suspension anchor to the pull up bar and connect your training strap with the hook.

A door anchor: The door anchor is specific to putting the training strap on the door. Customer Amazon 305 suggests that you put the door anchor on a durable door. Customer PNM cautions that the training strap should be on a door that closes the same direction you are pulling.  

TRX Training BASIC Suspension Trainer Kit, Full Body, 20 Minute Workouts


Overall, this kit can get you started on working out or adding a challenge to your workout. I believe that this kit could help you do exercises efficiently and help you really get into your workout. I am a believer of doing less to gain more. So, if I’m able to do a shorter workout and burn more calories then I would be happy. A huge plus I find is that the kit is movable which means no more excuses. Another huge plus I find is that the exercises for the kit could be easily found and easily followed. Nothing is better than having your personal trainer accessible to you and free. A problem I find is that the equipment takes time to master. Another problem is that you have to test your equipment in various places so that you won’t damage anything.

If I could rate it… 

What’s awesome: versatile, compact, helps increase your workout, could be taken anywhere and used anywhere, equipment is similar to the gym, cost efficient

What’s not: have to test before use, take a while to get use to the equipment

Overall take: If you’re looking for suspension trainer kit that is cost efficient and versatile, then the TRX basic suspension trainer kit is the one for you!

Cheaper than other suspension trainer kits out there, but a little pricey if you’ve never bought equipment before, this kit is worth your money.

But don’t just take my word for it, click on the images before and look at the other hundreds of reviews on Amazon.

Thank you for reading this review and I hope to help you again!

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