About Me

My name is Marie-Claire Dang, MC for short, and my love for fitness was during grade school.

I loved to eat, and because my eating habits were bad and I didn’t participate in any sports, I struggled with my weight. My mom told me that I had to lose weight, in fear that I will be bullied in high school, and with my parent’s support, I joined a running program called Girls on the Run.

Girls on the Run made me fall in love with running and since then, I ran in my spare time. It wasn’t until I got sick when I realized that the long runs I have been doing were impacting my lungs.

To continue my fitness while I was at home, I started doing HIIT, (high intensity interval training) cardio and other training exercises that gave me the same workout running did. Now, I exercise to relieve stress and get my energy up.  I found confidence in running and in exercise and I hope that I can inspire beginners and veterans to feel excellent when doing their fitness.