Best Home Gym Equipment Review

Hey there! Are you looking for the best home fitness equipment?

Well, here you can check out my Best Home Gym Fitness Equipment Review!

I review these products from my own research and conclusions. Based on Amazon reviews, I make my conclusions of these products. My reviews can help you find the equipment that suits your workout! These workouts can range from TRX training to strength training.

TRX Basic Suspension Trainer Kit

What’s awesome: versatile, compact, helps increase your workout, could be taken anywhere and used anywhere, equipment is similar to the gym, cost efficient

What’s not: have to test before use, take a while to get use to the equipment

Overall take: If you’re looking for suspension trainer kit that is cost efficient and versatile, then the TRX basic suspension trainer kit is the one for you!

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BodyBoss Gym 2.0

What’s awesome: It’s compact, versatile, completed kit, easy to find and follow tutorials, easy to set up, brings the gym back home

What’s not: The tutorials seem unprofessional. Bands and other small equipment have to be stored elsewhere, some problems with customer support

Overall take: This kit is durable and compact which allows you to do variations of workouts at home! You might have to improvise when you are working out with it however.

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Stamina 1690 Power Tower

What’s awesome: It’s cost efficient, versatile, strong, good grips on all stations, easy to set up, movable, can fit in small spaces

What’s not: It could be a little tight for some people, tools to help build are good but not perfect, the base can be a little bulky, tower can be a little shaky when workouts are intense which requires sandbags or bolting the tower to the floor

Overall take: This equipment is a great way to start off strength training or to continue strength training at home. Good material, strong, and light, this power tower is worth its money.

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